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The founders of Apexis Consulting have been conducting information systems consulting for Kansas City area businesses for over 5 years. While working to service the needs of these clients, the founders tracked closely how technology implementations affected their customers. These customers were primarily small and medium sized businesses that often voiced concerns about how traditional consulting companies operated. Apexis Consulting was formed shortly thereafter to eradicate these problems.


Apexis Consulting provides services specifically marketed to meet the needs of today's businesses. Our Performance Plans offer ideal ways to cost effectively manage your company's day-to-day operations, all in an easy to budget monthly paid subscription plan. We help your company control cost, reduce overhead, and operate more efficiently. Starting a new business or expanding your current one? Apexis Consulting Project Plans can provide you with the technology solutions you'll need, anything from network design, phone systems, auditing and more!


Like paying for a consultant to drive to and from your business? Is that fair? With Apexis Consulting, The customer is ONLY billed when the consultant is on site! (KC metro only)

Unlike our competitors who may sell you the stuff they have backed up in their inventory warehouse, Apexis Consulting does NOT sell hardware or software! We sell cutting edge solutions that make sense for your business and your budget.