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Unlike our competitors who may sell you the stuff they have backed up in their inventory warehouse, Apexis Consulting does NOT sell hardware or software. Ever wonder why some of our competitors recommend a specific brand or model? Do they get some kind of kickback or sales commission if you buy that particular product? Whose interest do they really have in mind?

Because of this, Apexis Consulting won’t sell any hardware or software - we offer cutting edge solutions that make sense for your business and budget.

Apexis Consulting believes that in order to provide the highest quality of service to our clients, we will only recommend solutions that we have already evaluated and even use within our own networks.

Although we do not sell any hardware or software, we’ve partnered with several of the industry leaders to obtain the latest information available and product evaluations. Some of the major companies we’ve partnered with are featured.


3COM specializes in products and services that provide straightforward solutions to complex networking challenges, particularly in the areas of broadband connections, wireless network access, and Internet Protocol (IP) telephony.

SonicWALL designs, develops, manufactures and sells Internet security infrastructure products designed to provide secure Internet access to the Company's broadband customers, and processes secure transactions for enterprises and service providers. The Company also sells security services, including content-filtering services and anti-virus protection, on an annual subscription basis.

WatchGuard Technologies is a provider of Internet security solutions designed to protect enterprises that use the Internet for electronic commerce and secure communications. Thousands of large and small companies worldwide use the Company's products and services, which include firewalls for access control, virtual private networks (VPNs) for secure communications and the ServerLock products for server content and application security.

Microsoft Corporation develops, manufactures, licenses and supports a wide range of software products for a multitude of computing devices. Microsoft software includes scalable operating systems for servers, personal computers and intelligent devices, server applications for client/server environments, knowledge worker productivity applications, and software development tools.

American Power Conversion designs, develops, manufactures, and markets power protection and management solutions for computer, communications, and electronic applications worldwide. The Company's uninterruptible power supply products regulate the flow of utility power to ensure safe and clean power to the protected equipment and provide seamless back-up power in the event of the loss of utility power


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